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At LDB Custom Rods, we want you to have a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. To that end, we’ve compiled a FAQ list below that covers the most common questions we receive. Have a look, and if there’s something missing, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out.


You can contact me using the contact form, or send a message on any of my social media platforms to purchase a custom rod.  When you purchase an LDB Custom Rod, I will work with you to design a rod customized for you and your desired fishing technique.  During the design process, I'll collect information from you about what you're looking for, figure out a design that meets your needs, and if you approve and want to proceed, I'll build the rod!

Because I want your LDB Custom rod to be customized for you, I don't carry an inventory of "standard" rods that are already made, however, from time to time there may be some rods that have been built as demos, proofs of concept, or for a customer that ended up changing their mind.  These rods will be featured in our store and will be ready for immediate purchase - often times for a discounted price compared to a "built from scratch custom".


Payment will be arranged through PayPal, or in person for local customers.  Once I have designed the rod and prior to beginning the build, I will send an invoice.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I will start the build.  The deposit will help cover the cost of components I need to purchase.  The remainder of the price and any shipping charges will be due prior to shipping or at the time of pickup/delivery (for local customers).


For local customers, pickup or delivery can be arranged.

For all others, shipping is done through USPS Priority.  Completed rods will ship in PVC tubing for maximum protection throughout the journey.  All shipped rods will have tracking numbers and will be insured.  Most rods shipped within the US (lower 48) will cost less than $30 to ship.  Shipping is in addition to the cost of the completed rod and will be added to the remaining balance of the cost of the rod.

The two year warranty begins when the completed rod is shipped.


Every custom rod comes with a 2 year limited warranty against defects.  See our warranty page for details.

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