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Peace of mind for your investment

We understand that you are investing your hard earned money into a new custom rod, and we greatly appreciate that you have chosen LDB Custom Rods to design and build your new investment.  

Although most manufacturer defects are detected and taken care of during our thorough testing throughout the design and build process, we understand there may be some that aren't apparent until later.  We also understand that sometimes accidents happen.  To that end we offer a 2 year limited warranty.

For a period of two years after the delivery of your custom rod we will cover failures related to manufacturer defects, or workmanship.  Failures due to improper care, misuse, or normal wear and tear will not be covered.  

In all cases of failure for any reason, please contact us and we will work with you to determine next steps and what will be required to get your custom rod back up and fishing.  Even in the case of a failure not covered by this warranty, we will strive to offer repair/replacement options.

All warranty claims will be subject to a $30 service fee and additional shipping charges (local customers may arrange for drop off and pick up to save on shipping).

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